Virtualisation & Private Cloud Services

Next to dedicated and shared vM's ADC offers Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) and BackUp as a Service (BUaaS). Whether you need to store your data secure, run our free software platforms (see Applications page) or your office applications, or need Disaster Recovery or a BackUp location: ADC Virtualisation & Private Cloud Services offers you all you need to keep your IT going. Secured.

✓ Fully integrated platform includes computing, storage, networking hardware and cloud management suite for easy provisioning of Virtual Machines
✓ Scalable configurations from  2 VM’s up to 80 VM’s
✓ Integration and Management done by one Single Source Supplier
✓ No Need for skilled IT Staff.
✓ Self Service Provisioning
✓ Pre-enginereed, manufactured and tested
✓ Plug & Play


✓ Tier 3 platform: all components are redundant (i.e. dual switches, clustered storage, dual management servers, VM’s N+1, etc.)
✓ Secure access by encrypted password
✓ Private and secure access for each user to their own-exclusive computing and storage space
✓ 24/7 Service SLA

Private Cloud Platform deployed locally
✓ This strategy allows better end-user service such as
    – Reduced latency
    – Customer’s knowledge on where their data is physically located
    – Customer’s benefiting from the local system integrator support
✓ Reduced energy consumption and carbon footprint
✓ High performance firewalls for unauthorized intrusion

Immediate roll-out of new applications

✓ With ADC you can provision new VM’s to host new applications in, literally, one minute.
✓ Extreme flexibility: a new Virtual Machine is created in a matter of minutes
✓ Perfect for any Software-as-a-Service SaaS approach and reduction of your software licensing costs
✓ Ideal for Business Continuity and Data center replication (servers configuration, data bases, etc )
✓ CRM, VoIP, Virtual desktops